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Kisamore's Peak

2009-11-13 18:34:01 by AddressUnknown

Well, would you look at that. I'm not dead.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
I've been going from project to project. I don't like that to be honest. Abraham's Rock sits around on my computer, not close to finished, and my last project got scrapped. I've been at a loss for inspiration all of a sudden and it seems like I don't know where it all went.
Last week I was going through my old senior year high school notebooks when I came across a script I wrote that year. To be honest it was the whole reason why I wanted to do flash animation in the first place.
I came up with the idea two years ago, during my senior year. It was called Kisamore's Peak. Basically, it was about this little town in the mountains that's plagued by horror and the supernatural. A man goes to the town to try and find his daughter, only to be stuck there and help the residents figure out why such horrible things are happening in their town, with the aid of the town constable and an egotistical FBI Agent. It was also a comedy.
Kisamore's Peak was a combination of all the 1950s b-horror movies that I love, exploring very general themes such as the undead, vampirism, insanity and all that. It also had elements of Twin Peaks and others within it. On another line, I also wanted it to have a vein of black comedy run through it, so I wanted to choose an animation style that was recognizable and not-too-serious. What you got was the animation style I have today, really. It's the reason why my characters look so blocky, because when I set out with flash animation at the start, I always wanted to start Kisamore's Peak, but I wanted to wait off until I had felt comfortable with doing all the things I needed to do in order to complete it.
So, here's a quick screencap. I just made a quick background with the three central characters of the show: the main character, Patrick Majorie MacReidy, the man who quests to Kisamore's Peak in search of his missing daughter, the egotistical FBI Agent, J. Edward Hugard, and finally the town constable, Jasper Graven. As the series progresses, you will meet other residents of the town, such as the mortician and his wife, the grave-keeper, a local doctor and various others. Well, I can't excatly say what's going on. I need a new microphone. I hope regardless that maybe, in this slow time without inspiration, Kisamore's Peak will lead the way for me.

Kisamore's Peak


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