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Trying to make interesting horror-themed flashes that are different from the video game parodies and comedic flashes on Newgrounds. My influences range from Fulci to Argento to Kubrick to Lynch to Bergman to Tarkovsky.

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Hello everyone. It's been over a year since I made an update.
I'm happy to say that I've finally got a new (and better!) computer and while I've put off flash animation for a long time now, I'm getting back into it now.
I've been scripting a project that I'd like to animate. It will be a band-spanking new addition to the "Tales of Horror" series with a twist. Unfortunately, the second part to Abraham's Rock was nearly finished when my last computer died and I lost all the work to that. I've moved on from that project at this point, but I have written the flash in a completed form in a short story, so anyone interested is free to contact me if they want the last part of the story. I experimented with flash this independence day by importing images. I'm trying new things.

The new "Tales of Horror" will be called "Lynch Park", the first Tales of Horror set outside of New Hampshire and in the fictional city of Beckenham, Massachusetts, near Boston in the year 1947. The new entry to "Tales of Horror" will be different from the previous ones. "The Banshee" and "Walter" were done in a short-story format reflecting horror yarns with animation to drive the narritive. I'm thinking about drawing out images and uploading them to animate. "Lynch Park" will not have a short story narritive but will be presented as an actual movie, with voice-overs and different characters presenting different sides of the story. The three main characters are a Boston Homicide Detective named Robin Campbell, a traumatized World War II veteren and homicide suspect Kenneth Turner and the ghost of his recently murdered estranged wife, Mallory Turner. In the middle of the city of Beckenham is a very large recreational park erected not long after the American Revolutionary War and built upon the grounds of an early major battle in the conflict called "Lynch Park". Lynch Park is rumored to be haunted and it is where the center of the story will take place.

Right now, I'm writing out an outline for the script. It will likely be divided up in two parks and will probably be fifteen minuets long, seven minuets for one park and eight for the other. You never know though, it might actually be shorter than that. The animation style I've used for previous "Tales of Horror" flashes will be retained, because I feel that less is more and the simplistic animation not only adds to the horror but also leaves enough room for the viewer to fill in the scenery with their imagination. It's gotten good reception when used in my previous flashes and I'd like the try and animate the story by drawing the scenes and figures by hand and importing them. If that doesn't come out the way I want it to, I'll just stick to mouse drawing.

Once I've finished the outline, I'm going to begin writing the script. Once I have the script, I'm going to hold onto it and start surfing around the internet (including here on Newgrounds) to try and find voice actors. If you're interested in voice acting for this flash and are reading this, keep my profile bookmarked or send me a message here. Once it's done I'll start posting around. Whoever wants in I'll talk with via messages on here, see what part they're interested in playing and have them send me audio files of their auditions. I'll pick out who I feel works the best for what character.

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